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recycL Junction will always dedicate significant time and resource at all levels to improving the lives of others through a number of Social Improvement Projects and donations with the assistance of our like minded funders and voluntary partners.

Great effort is taken to engage every employee in dedicating some of their own personal and work time to helping community projects.

The charities we currently support are:

Umduduzi – Hospice Care for Children

Umduduzi was founded by Dr Julia Ambler and Social worker Tracey Brand. This amazing organization treats children and their families as people, not just as patients, and seeks to ensure that children with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions receive the best possible care and comfort and where death is inevitable that it is with dignity and pain-free.

Visit the Umduduzi website:

Surfers Not Street Children

Lead by Tom Hewitt MBE and Bulelwa Hewitt who herself was a street child when she was younger. One day the Crazy surfer had a crazy idea and lead street children on a journey. The result...... NO longer were they street children! They are now SURFERS who are respected and sometimes revered. They ARE ........Surfers NOT street children.

Angela's Home

An impoverished orphanage in Amaoti, Durban that houses and provides love, stability and sustenance for 10 young children. Angela gives her time and love selflessly to children with the same health status and others that have been physically and mentally abused, some to a disabled state.

Our philosophy with Angela's home is not just to provide funds but invest time in committee /board leadership and involvement, mentorship, development project management and support with tasks such as establishing formal charitable status as well as creating entertainment days and staff engagement with the children. These children and their wonderful ‘mother’, Angela, are very close to our heart.

Izimbali ZeSizwe Child and Youth Development, 050-663-NPO C184 Geneva Unit, Ngoqokaz, Amaoti, Inanda, 4310 Tel: +27 73 826 8968 0r +27 82 853 1345

In Summary

On average, 15% of our company profits are reinvested in CSI projects. In addition to ensuring our global environment, we are committed to ensuring our profits are invested in improving local communities.

recycL Junction is very passionate about giving back to our local social development and responsibility, we are very proudly South African.

If you would like to get involved with our CSI, please feel free to contact us on: