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Sustainable growth

Sustainable paper and plastic through recycling

Lets save our planet

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Protect Life

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Social Responsibility

recycL Junction will always dedicate significant time and resource at all levels to improving the lives of others.
Growth Strategies

Sustainablity through recycling


Sound advice regarding the best logistical solutions, to reduce the impact that their daily business has on the environment.

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Social Responsibility

Social Improvement Projects and donations with the assistance of our like minded funders and voluntary partners.



Welcome to a World of Environmental Value.
recycL Junction trades with buyers and sellers of recyclable materials... More

why choose us?

Working together to make a better world

We are a family business, working together to make a better world for our children and our children's children.

Enhancing value returns on materials traded

We will endeavour to enhance the current value returns from your materials through trading it within our extensive network of local and international buyers and paying you for it at an agreed price.

Sound consultancy advice

We provide consultancy advice regards logistics process, infrastructure requirements and sourcing, project management on implementation and subcontracted site management under our supervision.

About Us

  • Managing Director
    Leisa has been trading recyclables for many years and brings...
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